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Ethiopia is a country with an ancient civilization, a historic culture and proud tradition. With the land twice the size of France, Kenya or Texas & four and half times the size of Great Britain and Italy, Ethiopia is a nation with more than 3,500 years of history. Ethiopia is the only African nation with its own alphabets (Saba of Ge’ez), languages and religious notas. Ethiopia may well be the true ‘Cradle of Mankind’ since the fossilized remains of man’s oldest known ancestor; Australopithecus Afarensis have been found in 1974 at a site on the lower Awash River in North-East Ethiopia. Dating back at least 3.5 million years, the original find is nicknamed ‘LUCY.’ Ethiopia developed a sophisticated culture based on a deep love of religion. Ethiopia’s Orthodox Church predated the Vatican and is one of the oldest continuously Christian Churches in the world. The first Muslims, facing persecution in Mecca, were granted refuge in Ethiopia and established places of worship before Islam triumphed in its birth places in the Arabian Peninsula. Turmi Travel Ethiopia